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Call for visions

Call for visions 2019 (English)

Future Vision: Now plus 10

Encouraging, inspiring, diverse, visionary: these are the "Days of Future" now for ten years. For the anniversary, the team of the Institute for Future Competences as initiator and organizer came up with something special. The experiences of 14 Austrian-wide congresses with more than 3000 visitors and around 300 projects enter into the campaign „Vision of the future: Now plus 10". At the "Days of Future" from June 12th to 14th 2019 in Arnoldstein/Carinthia selected people will deal with 10 topics that were relevant 10 years ago as they will be in the next 10 years.

For this we are looking for people with d visions for a future worth living. Beyond the individual concerns, this year's main task will be to develop visions for economic and social change, which in the truest sense of the word should be forward-looking. This process will help to gain new perspectives on your own project, to expand your network, to develop a sense of togetherness and to be inspired by the created visions for next steps.
Experts and coaches will support each subject area. The results of your visions for 2029 will presented to the public on June 14th at the "Festival of Future Visions" - as a guidepost to future action in politics, society and economy.

These are the main topics:

  • Being sustainable
  • Being employed
  • Being educated
  • Being healthy
  • Being regional/global
  • Being together
  • Being digital
  • Being entrepreneurial
  • Being active (in civil society)
  • Being cultural-creative

Who may submit?
We would like to offer a common development space to different approaches from all areas of life - one of the above mentioned topics should be chosen. For example, start-ups, companies, social entrepreneurs, organizations and associations (especially civil society) as well as individuals, pupils and students may take part.
Premises are a convincing idea / project / vision and participation in the entire program from June 12th until June 14th 2019.

Closing date for submissions is March 17th 2019. Among all submissions, those visions will be selected that promise particularly exciting and sustainable perspectives until 2029. The selected persons will be taking part at Days of Future in Arnoldstein free of charge (only travel expenses and accommodation are to be paid by yourself). Conference languages: German and English.

Please use this online registration form.

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